Ways to Make the Most of Your diet with a Weight Loss Shake

August 10, 2018
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Dieting can at times be tricky. With a whole host of rules and recommendations to follow, it can leave you more than a little bit confused. It doesn’t need to be this way though. In fact, the basics to follow can be broken down into several, easy to follow, categories. These basics are designed to be used alongside a  plan.

Hopefully, by following the guidelines below, you will find success with your weight loss efforts. All of the complicated ‘health garb’ has been cut out, leaving you with some simple rules for a successful outcome. Try to memorize these the best that you can and try to put them into practice. Calorie deficit diets don’t have to be mentally tiring. So, if you are ready, let’s go.

Grab Whole Foods

If you are on a low-calorie diet, then opting for healthy, whole foods is the way to go. Think along the lines of organic fruits and vegetables, non-processed meats, and definitely no candy. Whole foods provide plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which all help with keeping you energized and fresh.

Whole foods are also great when using a weight loss shake and can be added to the mix to further boost its weight loss properties. Avoid processed foods as these will be full of sneaky additives, such as sugar, salt, and artificial preservatives. Think of them as empty calories, the type that satisfies you for all of the 30-minutes before you’re craving more of it.


If you are on a calorie deficit diet and using a weight loss shake, then you are already going to be low on energy reserves. Yes, you need to burn more than you consume, but if you take it too far you are going to suffer from burn-out. Exercise is important, but you need to keep it gentle and for no more than 30 minutes each day.

Too much exercise will lead to your body metabolizing its lean muscle mass for energy. Not what you want! Aim to perform mild activities, such as a brisk walk, gentle cardio, and some resistance training. All of these are gentle enough to not cause fatigue, yet powerful enough to help you burn a few more calories each day. The good news is that a weight loss shake can enhance your exercise routine by providing you the perfect set of nutrients to replenish your body before, and after, a workout.

Keep Hunger at Bay

If you are cutting back on meals, expect to feel hungry. Hunger is a leading cause of diet failure, so it’s important to keep it at bay. A weight loss shake will help keep you full until your next meal, while also giving you some much-needed nutrition. Don’t skip meals, it’s just counterproductive.

The fact that most shakes contain plenty of fiber and protein will also help fight off hunger. Protein and fiber both take longer to pass through the system so you are left feeling fuller for much longer than without them. Fiber also helps regulate your blood sugar levels, so you should find that food cravings lessen over time.

Cut out Sugar

Sugar is in so much of what we eat and drink each day it becomes addictive. Sugar does nothing for your blood sugar levels, other than cause them to spike and then drop. It is this spike and drop which causes hunger to arise. Opt-in for sugar-free or stevia sweetened products instead of cane sugar or fructose. Sure, sugar is delicious, but it will do nothing for your diet. A great weight loss shake will be sugar-free, so it only helps reinforce your efforts.

Try To Drink Some Water

Oftentimes, when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. The signs that your body sends out when you are dehydrated are easily mistaken for hunger pangs. If you are feeling hungry, try to drink a glass of water and wait for 20-minutes. If the hunger dissipates, then you were, indeed, just thirsty and you saved yourself some calories you would have most likely eaten in place.

Getting enough water on a low-calorie diet may seem difficult at times, but remember, the basis of a weight loss shake is water. This means that you are ensuring you are staying well hydrated throughout the day with a little extra H2O.

So, there you have it. Five easy to follow steps to help you on your way with your weight loss shakes diet. Try to put these into practice on a daily basis and start enjoying your journey to a healthier and lighter you.