Ways to Make the Most of Your diet with a W...

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Dieting can at times be tricky. With a whole host of rules and recommendations to follow, it can leave you more than a little bit

When Calling an Uber Can Pay Off for Cities...

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“We used to have yellow cabs, we now have yellow cabs and black cars and green cars and every color in the rainbow and they

In New York, a View of Even a Small Park Ad...

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Another site, on Second Avenue and East 21st Street, is across the street from Peter’s Field, a blocklong stretch of basketball and tennis courts. And

The Hunt: Savvy First-Time Buyer Does Her H...

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About three years ago, Ms. Lewis read about the Housing Development Fund Corporation (H.D.F.C.), a city program that promotes homeownership in once-derelict buildings. The prices

Living In: East Chelsea, Manhattan: Once In...

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“We saw it as a good move for our family,” Mr. Walsh said, largely because of the good transportation options and the many restaurants, stores,

The Hunt: The City Trade-Off

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“We had a huge checklist,” he said. Outdoor space was a must, as Mr. Shanbog, now 28, wanted to be able to step outside to

Living In: Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island: ...

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Most prominent is the lighthouse. The 90-foot-tall octagonal tower, which dates from 1912, lost its last keeper in 2001, but continues to operate autonomously, helping

The Fix: A Bedroom Your Child Won’t Outgr...

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Instead of wallpaper, Liz Lipkin, a designer with Homepolish, sometimes opts for removable decals, like the Love Mae arrows she recently used in a Brooklyn

Renters: Living in a 17th-Century Manor on ...

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“When they say they’ve sold the building, but stay as long as you like, get out — because you want to leave at your convenience,

Living In: Park Avenue South: The Other Par...

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Mr. Greene, who works in finance and shares the home with his wife and three children, noted that from Park Avenue South, one can sample