341 Lakeside Road, Dayton, Nova Scotia B5A 5K4

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Here is a property that is very unique. It has endless potential. Large doors on each end with high ceilings and a parts room to

Jaypee aims to complete 24K flats by 2020 at Rs 8,000 crore cost

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  NEW DELHI: Debt-ridden Jaypee group is targeting to complete the construction of pending 24,000 flats in Noida by 2020 at a cost of about

Australia home prices slip in Dec as Sydney slows

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SYDNEY: Home prices across Australia’s major cities fell in December as the once red-hot Sydney market continued to cool in the face of tighter rules

610 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1J9

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Commercial building with a 2 Bedroom apartment upstairs. New bathroom and heat pump was installed in the retail area in 2015, and the roof is

23 Highway 335 Highway, Pubnico, Nova Scotia B0W 2W0

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2 buildings for the price of 1. Commercial building formerly operated as a pizza shop a residential building with office space on the first floor

8522 Highway 3 Highway, Tusket, Nova Scotia B0W 2A0

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Are you looking to start up your own business, perhaps automotive, painting, storage or even some kind of production that entails all of the above,


Ways to Make the Most of Your diet with a Weight Loss Shake

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Dieting can at times be tricky. With a whole host of rules and recommendations to follow, it can leave you more than a little bit confused. It doesn’t need to be this way though. In fact, the basics to follow can be broken down into several, easy to follow, categories. These basics are designed to be used alongside a  plan. Hopefully, by following the guidelines below, you will find success with your weight loss efforts. All of the complicated ‘health garb’ has been cut out, leaving you with some simple rules for a successful outcome. Try to memorize these the best that you

When Calling an Uber Can Pay Off for Cities and States

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“We used to have yellow cabs, we now have yellow cabs and black cars and green cars and every color in the rainbow and they cruise downtown Manhattan to pick up fares,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has said. “That is one of the first places I would look to reduce congestion and to raise money.” Even as President Trump promotes a plan to rebuild the country’s tattered infrastructure, many local governments are not waiting to see what, if any, help Washington provides and are finding novel ways to pay for transportation and other public works projects. Across the nation, more

In New York, a View of Even a Small Park Adds Value

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Another site, on Second Avenue and East 21st Street, is across the street from Peter’s Field, a blocklong stretch of basketball and tennis courts. And at 67 Livingston Street in Brooklyn Heights, where Silverback is converting a former college dorm into condos, one side of the building looks down on the schoolyard of the Packer Collegiate Institute, where on a recent afternoon children were jostling for control of a big red ball. While such parks may lack the splendor of Central or Prospect Parks, unsung green spaces can claim near-equivalent benefits: In addition to extra light and sky, many offer

The Hunt: Savvy First-Time Buyer Does Her Homework

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About three years ago, Ms. Lewis read about the Housing Development Fund Corporation (H.D.F.C.), a city program that promotes homeownership in once-derelict buildings. The prices of its co-ops were tantalizingly within reach. “I made it my mission to learn everything I could,” she said, although in some cases the buildings came with income caps that were too low for her. In other cases, however, she qualified. She signed up for a class on buying an H.D.F.C. co-op given by the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board. The room was packed, but she learned attrition was high when it came to actually making